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The discovery of what seems to be the first European depiction of Native Americans in a fresco in the Vatican is not just a chapter in the history of two continents. It is a revelation about the origins of the nude in art. In Europe years ago, statues were throwing off their clothes. The naked human body was honoured in a revolutionary way. After more than a millennium of Christian veiling, the flesh was suddenly shown off.

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At the time of European contact, some of the Indigenous people were traditionally semi- nomadic tribes who subsisted on hunting , fishing , gathering and migrant agriculture. Many tribes suffered extinction as a consequence of the European settlement and many were assimilated into the Brazilian population. The Indigenous population was decimated by European diseases, declining from a pre-Columbian high of 2 to 3 million to some , as of [update] , distributed among tribes. A linguistic survey [3] [ citation needed ] found living indigenous languages with , total speakers. With this addition Brazil passed New Guinea , becoming the country with the largest number of uncontacted peoples in the world.

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