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Along with fur and leather, Alicia Silverstone would like you stop wearing wool. And to get you to do it, she's going nude. Well, PG nude. In a new ad for PETA, the actress is photographed in nothing but her birthday suit while standing in a forest with the accompanying tagline: "I'd rather be naked than wear wool. Of course, based on PETA's ever-expanding list of things you shouldn't wear, going naked may soon be the only option.

Alicia Silverstone Isn't Clueless -- She's Clothes-less!

Alicia Silverstone Nude for PETA - Naked Alicia Silverstone Doesn't Want You to Wear Wool

Winter is coming, and Alicia Silverstone wants Portlanders to give up their wool coats. Below you can see the billboard in an image provided by PETA. We haven't had a chance to run over there and get a look for ourselves. For those opposed to public displays of nudity, be warned that it shows Silverstone's bare behind, with the front of her torso turned decorously away from the camera. Silverstone made a PETA video last year in which she talks about the commercial treatment of sheep. They don't kill the sheep," the year-old actress says, before insisting that the process is actually quite violent.

Alicia Silverstone Goes Naked for PETA to End Sheep Cruelty -- See the Stunning Pic!

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