American pie kiss scene

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"American Pie", production draft, by Adam Herz

Watch fullscreen. American Pie movie clip - The pie scene. Teaser Trailer. What does third base feel like? It's the most iconic scene from American Pie, Jim Jason Biggs finds a pie on his kitchen counter, and decides to test out a theory about third base that his friend told him. Contains some sexual content!

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Noah Levenstein , also known as " Jim's dad ", is the only character to appear in all eight films to date. He first appears in American Pie where he attempts to offer sexual advice including purchasing and giving his son Jim pornography after finding him masturbating with a tube sock. He later finds Jim humping a pie after being previously told that third base feels like "warm apple pie ".
Set in swimming pools, libraries, spaceships and pretty much anywhere else you can think of, audiences love watching characters act out wildly unrealistic love scenes. But the less-than-thrilling truth behind filming a Hollywood love scene is that it involves choreography, trust, intrusive make-up, legal contracts, and a whole lot of awkwardness. For this reason, most actors agree that shooting a romantic moment is one of the most uncomfortable parts of their job. Some even refuse to shoot them altogether, or insist on toning down the more sensational aspects. For instance, she asked to de-raunchify a love scene between her and Clive Owen's characters in the thriller Duplicity , saying that the hot and heavy stuff is "not really what I do.