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Bbs 3D models

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Dealer Area. Das Wunschdesign oder die Wunschkonfiguration nicht dabei? Nicht aufgeben! For the 83rd edition of the Geneva Motor Show, the traditional manufacturer BBS has come up with a number of innovations in the alloy wheel sector. Spring is going to be sizzling, because that's when the successful model RX-R will be released to the market as a special edition. The one-piece alloy wheel, which is produced with the BBS low pressure casting process and which reflects pure racing and passion in its aluminum design, will be offered in the classic BBS racing gold. The lightweight wheel, made in a flow-forming process, is limited for selected applications.

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You might think that all wheels are created equal. Each wheel BBS manufactures is injected with 50 years of motorsport experience, passion, and — because they are German — superior engineering in every square inch. The acronym quickly became synonymous with motorsports and is now a very popular brand among elite car enthusiasts. Most wheel companies build street wheels and then take on racing next. BBS started manufacturing wheels purely for racing.
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