Becky lynch nipple slip

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The Irish ace caused a network blackout after the nip slip during the first match of the historic pay-per-view in Phoenix on Saturday night. Social media was sent into a frenzy over the incident, with viewers left in shock and creating a stir across Twitter. Read Next. Why the best fit for Anthony Davis trade can't happen. See Odds This story has been shared 9, times.

WWE twice nips feed after cheeky reveals

WWE Royal Rumble: Becky Lynch exposes boob after Sasha Banks Raw bum reveal

Embarrassing right? Embarrassing for them, but hilarious to us. From ripped pants to losing their shorts, to nip slips, us WWE fans have seen it all. What makes matters worse though is that these stars can get in serious trouble if a mistake like this happens. According to thefanboyseo. Luckily, she was wearing sheer underwear that covered her lady bits.

Suspected Becky Lynch Wardrobe Malfunction Causes Screen Blackout During Royal Rumble

Viewers were left puzzled during the broadcast of WWE's Royal Rumble when the screen went black during the first match of the pay-per-view event in Phoenix, Arizona. It has since emerged that an awkward wardrobe malfunction was to blame, with wrestling superstar Becky Lynch experiencing an ill-timed nipple slip. After seemingly struggling with her top throughout the bout, Lynch's mishap occurred halfway through her bout against SmackDown champion Asuka, which Lynch lost. The year-old Irish ace went on to win the women's Royal Rumble title later the same evening.
WWE was forced in to two blackouts this week after one female star bared her bum — and another slipped out a nipple in the Royal Rumble. WWE star Sasha Banks accidentally moons the world. But some viewers were left puzzled during the broadcast as the screen went black for two seconds in the middle of the bout. Her trunks came down and bared her bum, but fortunately quick-fingered broadcasters were able to fastly hit the blackout button in order to hide her embarrassment to the thousands watching.