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Madison River Fly Fishing. The Madison River offers anglers some of the finest blue ribbon fly fishing in Montana. While the numbers mean the odds are always in your favor while fly fishing the Madison River, many first-time anglers are surprised to see the swift rocky waters of this classic western river and are often confused on how to fish it. Dry fly fishing, nymphing, and streamer fishing all have their time and place on the Madison River. There is no greater joy as a fly angler than having a wild trout rise from the depths to eat a well-presented dry fly. And tough to imagine a better river for it to happen on than the Madison River.

Pheasant Tail

Pro Tip: A Better Way to Rig Droppers - Orvis News

Dropper tippets are typically tied off the bend of the hook. So the first fly in line, the one tied to the end of the leader, has a tippet tied onto its bend that leads to the second fly. This results in the hook being pulled out of the mouth of the fish. You hook the fish, fight it for a while, then end up snagged on the bottom with no fish on the line.

Madison River Fly Fishing Tactics

The Pheasant Tail is the quintessential mayfly nymph pattern. The dark brown color and slender profile create a highly realistic mayfly imitation. Although it can be tied in larger sizes, I prefer this fly in sizes 16 through 24 because smaller sized Pheasant Tails match blue wing olive and pale morning dun nymphs. I have perhaps tied as many Pheasant Tails in my life as I have any other pattern and have streamlined the process over the years.
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