Bleeding after rough sex

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Postcoital after sex bleeding can be alarming. This type of bleeding is not related to your menstrual cycle , and the amount of bleeding after sex can range from a scant amount of spotting to a heavy, bright red, sheet-soaking puddle. Anatomically, the two parts of your body that can bleed from the friction or relative trauma of vaginal sex are your vagina and your cervix. Postcoital bleeding refers to bleeding that happens after types of sex that involve vaginal penetration. If you're having postcoital bleeding, you may also be experiencing abnormal uterine bleeding that isn't related to sex. Approximately 30 percent of women who bleed during sex also have other episodes of abnormal bleeding outside of their regular monthly period.

Bleeding after Sex: Here's 9 Reasons Why It Might Be Happening

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That said, the symptom is not unheard of: up to nine percent of all sexually active women experience postcoital bleeding at some point in their lives , according to a study published in Obstetrics and Gynecology International. Oftentimes, seeing blood is a lot scarier than the root of the issue, which could involve any of the following:. Infections are often to blame for post-coital bleeding among women younger than 40, according to Dr. Dweck, who says yeast and bacterial infections can lead to inflammation of the delicate tissues that line the vascular, i.

Is Bleeding After Sex Normal?

Subscriber Account active since. I'm 20 years old, and I started having sex with my boyfriend a few months ago. We have sex about twice each month and most of the time, it's rough vaginal sex. During sex, I sometimes bleed, but it doesn't feel painful at all and it's a small amount of blood. Usually I stop bleeding once we stop having sex, but I've also noticed a couple of instances where I've continued to bleed just a small amount afterwards.
Following top-notch oral sex from my top-notch partner, I was primed and ready for some intercourse. But after some vigorous penetration, I noticed I was bleeding—not quite period heavy but enough to leave three big blood splotches on my baby-pink duvet cover. The blood might be coming from the vaginal canal itself, the urinary tract, or the cervix, she says. Ross explains.