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Author Pete K. His father and grandfather, both miners, taught him the value of hard work and the realities of an uncaring world from an early age. He grew up in the shadow of billowing clouds of coal dust and the horrors of World War II. Somehow, the boy in the battered shoes who watched his grandpa scrub black coal dust from his face every day earned advanced degrees and had a successful career in aerospace and marine transportation. Pete K.

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Sex sells. But can sex sell coal?

The study explores the meanings of sex among migrant coal miners in Vietnam and identifies contextual factors influencing engagement in unsafe sexual practices. Findings reveal that sex carries a number of social meanings in the lives of migrant miners: sex is relaxation and reward for their risk and hard work; access to sex is an incentive for miners to continue working in the mine; sex strengthens identity and social networks; sex helps miners to affirm manhood, group membership and masculinity; and sex workers are confidants with whom they can share their problems. Facing accidents at work on a daily basis, miners are less inclined to worry about the long-term risks of HIV infection. In addition, being excluded from access to relevant information, miners feel distant from HIV infection. Findings suggest that interventions on sexual behaviour and practices should be sensitive to the concepts of risk and meanings of sex among migrant groups such as coal miners.

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