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In my last post I discussed Japanese Dating Sims and that they are a subset of a general category called Visual Novels. The Visual Novel is a hybrid media form that has never caught on yet, but thanks to devices like the iPad, they could in theory become very popular. We just need a breakaway hit to finally emerge and then all the copycats will follow. So what is a Visual Novel? Well that depends on what direction you come from.

Visual Novels

Visual Novels – Ariane's Life in the Metaverse

I've decided to drop my Date Ariane page on Facebook with its over likes and followers. Facebook is super irresponsible in the social media world and politics, and I want nothing to do with tacitly supporting them. Yeah I know, they aren't going to care one iota about me erasing my page, especially since … Continue reading Dumping Facebook Page. Continuing with more HD versions of the strip club scene from Date Ariane, this is a slight variation. All the pics in the game come from a certain perspective in the audience.


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