E621 all the way through

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Images in which a character is penetrating their partner and cum is overflowing from the mouth. In some instances cum may be shown leaking from the nose also. In a loose sense of "Realism," this would be through the anus , but can additionally be through the penis or pussy. More rarely, the character may be penetrating their partner orally with cum overflowing from the anus. Overflowing from the penis or pussy will not count, as that should be considered the penetrated character being the one cumming.

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Images in which the penetrating object, generally a penis or tentacle , is shown entering one end of the body and exiting the other end. Typically, this is non-lethal and does not involve large amounts of blood , though small amounts may be seen. For more lethal or painful situations, use impalement instead. If cum goes all the way through, use cum through instead. You must be over the age of 18 and agree to the terms of service to access this page. By default a limited blacklist has been applied removing content that is commonly objected to. You may remove items from this blacklist by using the blacklist menu item.


Posted under Tag Alias and Implication Suggestions. Updated by SnowWolf over 2 years ago. I suppose impalement doesn't necessarily imply complete perforation of the body.
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