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It may aim for the healing of an injured muscle or tissue or elimination of pain. Massage is also meant to relieve stress , so the patient will feel happy and have a good self image, thereby healing any sickness inside the body. Massage can sometimes focus on sexual stimulation. Male massage has been practiced widely since the last several years. It was done for relaxation and healing. Whether you are a man or a woman, receiving a massage performed by a male can give you a different experience.


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I am very discreet and welcome gay, bi and straight men for a sensual, male massage experience. I offer the following Sensual Massage experience: Using strong to medium strokes with positive energy I provide sessions that combine traditional Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques with a sensual touch. I have intuitive, strong hands that find and focus on those areas that need the most attention. I enhance these styles with a soft touch to caress your body to help you feel even more relaxed.


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In the diagram below, you can see the most important parts of the outside of her vagina aka her vulva. The clitoral hood is the little flap of skin that covers her clitoris. You can see a tiny nub of flesh full of nerve endings that you will be focusing most of your effort on.