Hands free ejaculation hypnosis

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This is going to be a sensual, sexual, and relaxing audio experience," the voice says before instructing the listener to lie down and get themselves comfortable. She then guides the listener through a fairly standard meditation and deep breathing exercise. It's fairly SFW until around the minute mark, when the speaker says she's on the other side of an unlocked gate. For a few minutes, she narrates the action, talking dirty between making semi-comical slurping sounds "in reality she was just eating some good-ass ramen noodles," one commenter wrote. The preoccupation with the hands-free orgasm predates the internet.

Can You Have a Totally Hands-Free Orgasm? The Erotic Hypnosis Community Thinks So

Erotic Hypnosis Asmr Audio Porn Orgasm | Men's Health Magazine Australia

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Hands Free Binaural Beats

While there are countless techniques, going automatic definitely has its advantages when it comes to hands-free orgasm. Self-pleasure with your hands is reliable. Ultimately, hands-free orgasm is all about the journey: giving yourself the time and space to discover what feels truly amazing. So, how do you go from zero to the big O without even laying a finger on your manhood? Here are 3 hands-free male masturbation techniques that you can try tonight.
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