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I love this show but the whole attitude towards women in general really angers me. Barney has absolutely no respect for women, constantly belittles them, lies to them and pits them against one another. What really salts my apples is how Robin, and especially Lily, slut-shame all the girls Ted and Barney date. It's just degrading and anti-feminist. Just because exes gave them to her and he's irrationally jealous doesn't mean he should have had the power to do that.

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The finale of How I Met Your Mother is less than a week away, and it deserves a proper send-off, especially since the protracted and not particularly satisfying momentum of later seasons has possibly overshadowed the brilliance of earlier ones. Like so many series at their best, HIMYM was constantly imperiled in the beginning, somehow threatened with cancellation despite a phenomenal run of episodes. Greta Gerwig to suggest that it might even improve on the formula. Creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays understood the modern predisposition toward nostalgia, thus episodes were often chock full of callbacks to former ones, continuity was key though at times relied upon for its own sake , and throughout, audiences were as much at the mercy of unreliable narrator Ted Mosby voiced by Bob Saget as his patient children were.

While the show has been over for about three years now, it remains one of the best sitcoms since On the other hand though, that storyline frequently took a backseat to things like "Robots Versus Wrestlers," scotch, cigar bars, and of course, hilarious sessions of shooting the breeze in MacLaren's Pub. So while on the surface, the show sounds like a love-based story that would appeal to women and did have tons of female fans , the show managed to market a love story that appealed to dudes as well. One of the best ways that the sitcom managed to do this was by offering up relatable male characters in Barney, Ted, and Marshall, along with entertaining female main characters who were also beautiful in Lily and Robin. Of course, one of the other reasons the show was successful with men was the constant barrage of eye candy that paraded through our screens.
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