Just for fun sex

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Q: So excited for this new blog spot! I want to own my sexuality, but all of the advice around me seems to be no-sex-outside-of-relationships-or-marriage. I know this depends on the individual, but any insight would be great! He has always wanted a much closer relationship than I do.

There are 237 reasons that people have sex, but mostly it’s just for fun

9 sex apps for 40+ women who want no-strings sex

Sex, including solo sex, certainly has its supposed health benefits, from keeping your vagina healthy and happy , to sleeping better at night. Jessica has been counselling couples and individuals about the pros and cons of no-strings sex for more than 20 years. We asked for her advice on using sex apps. Before you start downloading apps, you need to be sure that fun between the sheets with someone you may never see again is right for you.

Can Sex “Just for Fun” Be Emotionally Healthy?

In fact, some relationship experts say scheduling sex can help maintain a healthy, long-term relationship. Play these fun, expert-endorsed sex games for couples, that will hopefully result in sensational discoveries and maybe even unlock some new sexual fantasies. So, light a romantic candle , cue up your sultriest playlist , and settle in.
According to research from the Ghent University hospital, there are possible reasons that people have sex. The researchers quizzed just over 4, people and compiled a definitive list of every single reason that people choose to do the nasty. Well, they included the obvious ones, such as being turned on, to make a baby and because it feels good. Attitudes towards having sex also split down gender lines, with men tending to cite physical reasons such as attraction, arousal and desire for pleasure, while women said that they were likely to want sex for more emotional reasons, such as love and insecurity.