Kicked in the nuts from behind

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If you think about it, testicles take a lot of wear and tear. They get stuffed into skinny jeans, bump about when you go commando, and even get slapped around during sex. Not only does a kick in the balls hurt like heck, but enough force can also cause serious scrotal or testicular trauma that requires emergency treatment. Read on to learn why getting kicked in the balls hurts so much, why some people like it, and when you should be worried. Genitals are densely packed with nerve endings. This small area contains a higher concentration of them than other parts of the body where nerves are more spread out.

VIDEO: Women tried getting KICKED in the BALLS to feel men’s pain

Kicked In The Balls: Why It Hurts and Other FAQs

Getting kicked in the balls is probably one of the most traumatic experience for the male species. However, women know little about it for obvious reasons. Often, the enormous amount of pain women experience during pregnancy is compared to the excruciating pain men suffer from — when hit in the nuts. To settle this age old debate, a group of women volunteers decided to take part in a new experiment that would expose them to the discomfort men feel when hit in their balls. In the beginning of the video, the women volunteers seemed pretty confident and were ready to take the challenge head-on. Most of the volunteers eventually fell on the ground and cried out in pain. The video has a hilarious take, with one of the volunteer calling the pain close to child birth.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Getting Kicked in the Balls

Why such sensitivity, especially in a relatively small area? The scrotum and testes are pretty much a nerve bundle, Dr. Brahmbhatt says.
Top definition. Something a girl does to a boy to either get her way or take revenge for a previous discrepancy. Despite the term "kick" included in the phrase, it can be used to describe any method in which a girl uses her legs to gain a physical advantage over a boy, limited to attacking his nuts. She may use her knee or thigh to overpower her male opponent. Also deployed by males to males, but everyone knows it hurts more when a girl administers it.