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The iconic and controversial photograph of a naked and heavily pregnant Demi Moore that appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine in was never meant to be seen in public. Photographer Annie Leibovitz was commissioned by Vanity Fair editor Tina Brown to shoot the thenyear-old Moore in a tight dress that would show her bump. At the time, if a movie star was pregnant, she would only be shot from the chest upwards, but Brown had just had her second child herself and was feeling rebellious. When Leibovitz came back with the pictures, they were as briefed, with Moore in a tight dress. At the time, Moore and her then-husband Bruce Willis were among Hollywood's hottest couples, Moore having starred in "Ghost" in and Willis taking the lead in TV series "Moonlighting" and then the first two "Die Hard" movies.

Pregnant Serena Williams poses nude for Vanity Fair cover shoot

Leibovitz v. Paramount Pictures Corp. - Wikipedia

Leibovitz v. Paramount Pictures Corp. Annie Leibovitz is a professional portrait photographer who had published a photograph of celebrity Demi Moore while Moore was seven months pregnant. Paramount's commissioned photograph featured Leslie Nielsen 's face superimposed over the body of a pregnant woman, shot and digitally manipulated in such a way as to closely resemble Leibovitz' photograph of Demi Moore.

The Vanity Fair photo of a pregnant, naked Demi Moore was never meant to appear in public

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