Naked with my father

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My mother was home, complaining about the mishaps and chaos that occurred at work that day. My father was relaxing on the big couch in the living room, like he always does, while my mother began preparing a frozen meal for us all to eat. When she finished in the kitchen, she walked into the living room and plopped down on the light tan love sofa and turned on the television. I joined and sat right next to her.

It's OK for My Son to See Me Naked

That Time I Saw My Dad Naked | Thought Catalog

The fly house. It was a beautiful two-story house built on a farm that was once the livelihood for my great aunt and uncle, but had since been abandoned. We called this house the fly house, because when we moved into the house it was completely covered in thousands of dead flies. There were dead flies on the counters, dead flies in the bathtub and dead flies on the windowsills. The flies must have bred during the previous summer and died the winter that we moved in. We spent weeks cleaning this house, which soon became the backdrop for a very brief portion of my childhood. During the fly house years my dad was just beginning to get used to his bachelor life-style.

That Time I Saw My Dad Naked

Sexual abuse is probably the most common form of child abuse and violation of child rights. Death of innocence and tender feelings? I bet it is.
I'm a first-time mom and my son is eight months old. He sees me in my birthday suit all the time because he's with me all day long and he's a baby. But what about when he's older? What age does it become inappropriate for a son to see his mother's nakedness or a daughter to see her father au naturel?