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A list of the top 50 sexiest cities in the world has been released, and there are some surprises. The rankings, compiled by Big 7 Travel, used a combination of statistics including which cities have the most sex, cities with the most sex related search terms online, as well as surveys on what people consider the sexiest accents and nationalities in the world. Many people would have expected Paris to top this list, but it placed second - beaten by Miami, Florida. Auckland came in 26th place, despite being listed as having the 'sexiest accent' in the world. Auckland is also third on the list of cities with the most sexually satisfied people. That may be the reason why instead of images of our beautiful coastlines and forests, the publishers used a photo of a shirtless man being massaged on a beach.

Justin Bieber: New Zealand girls are sexy

Top 10 sexiest woman in the world - NZ Herald

NZ girls belong to some of the most beautiful women in the entire world, especially thanks to the multiculturalism and geographical location of the country. What a dream. Yes, Damn great choice. New Zealand is such a great country for your future. Please note: T he blog is intended for single solo travellers who are interested in Kiwi women, looking love and wanting settle down in beautiful New Zealand. Not for sex predators or criminals. Unfortunately, we are focusing on single male travellers who want to find beautiful KIWI partners because ladies, in comparison to guys, can find a man very easily..

Top 10 sexiest woman in the world

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