Periodic sex

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Congratulations to the winners! For this more provocative version, Dorothy replaced the chemical symbols with abbreviations for words or phrases related to sexual acts and affiliated body parts. The graphics are printed in hot pink on a scarlet red background, which is sized 80 by 60 centimetres. The posters are available to purchase from Dorothy's website. This competition is now closed.

Seasonal or periodic sexual cycles

Sexology, The Periodic Table of Sex Poster - PopArtUK

The principle of safety period is to refrain from sexual intercourse during ovulation period when a woman is most fertile. The fertile period can be estimated by the calendar method, charting daily basal body temperature, or detecting changes in cervical mucus. Ovulation usually occurs 14 days before he onset of the next menstruation. However, since the menstrual cycle is not always regular, the user needs careful and persistent charting for a long period in order to predict the fertile period. The various method for estimating the fertile period require careful instruction and it is best to consult a doctor if you plan to use this method for contraception. Normally when a woman ovulates, her basal body temperature taken first thing in the morning before getting out of bed will rise between 0. Skip to Content Important Notice.

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In most animals sexual reproduction is seasonal or rhythmical , and so is sexual behaviour, whether in the form of courtship, drive, or other activities that lead to mating. In the marine fireworm of the West Indies , for instance, individuals of both sexes live in crevices on the sea floor but come out to breed where their fertilized eggs can drift and develop in the water above. But they can only find one another by means of the luminescence they themselves produce, which is an eerie light visible only in complete darkness. Each spring or summer month they emerge and swim to the surface about one-half hour after sunset when all daylight is gone but only before the moon can rise, a situation that confines them to a monthly breeding period of three or four days after the full of the moon.
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