Semi pro sex scene

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Skip to Content. Male characters drink, smoke, and joke about women as sexual objects. But Monix proves that the love of a sport and playing unselfishly is more important than fame or personal glory. A few scenes of the Tropics getting into fights with other teams. A bear runs loose and attacks a couple of people, but in a humorous way. There's also an extended gun-play scene where characters take turns pointing and shooting what they think is an unloaded handgun at each other.

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Semi-pro sex scene :

Semi-Pro is, to put it charitably, semi-good. And I'm sure it will make a load of money. Semi-Pro has a lot of problems, not the least of which is that it is simply bone lazy in terms of Semi-Pro will likely leave its star with a sore throat and bruised pride but a bulging wallet none

Semi-Pro (2008)

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