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Super Bowl Sunday is almost here. So get fired up and check them out, ahead. Is it cold in here? Before she was Nicky Nichols on Orange Is the New Black , Natasha Lyonne played a lesbian cheerleader whose homophobic parents send her to a conversion therapy camp in this satire.

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You can tell because she likes to wear black t-shirts. Cool Skills: She does a mean carwash, made all the better by her willingness to wear a bikini while she works. And Debbie Benton certainly deserves recognition for her drive and determination to make it to Texas, and the famed Texas Cowgirls cheer squad. Cool Skills: Did we mention the cream bikini? As Seen In: We Are Marshall The Cheerleader: Played by the wholesomely lovely-looking Kate Mara, Annie is one of the many good-natured souls looking to pull together in the face of adversity when the local college football team is killed in an air crash. Let go of our heartstrings, dammit! Is that a skill?

20 Coolest Movie Cheerleaders

Throughout cult-movie history, the American cheerleader has come to stand for something demonic, bitchy, slutty, and secretly lesbian, resulting in an archetype as American as apple pie, football, and well, cheerleading itself: the Subversive Cheerleader Genre. We combed through the highlights to make you a must-watch guide to the genre. Go team!
PG 90 min Comedy, Sport. The two most popular guys in high school decide to ditch football camp for cheerleader camp. For the girls and for the glory. PG 98 min Comedy, Romance, Sport.