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Struggling to make ends meet whilst living in poverty, being exploited, denied of their rights, and facing discrimination and harassment, the sex workers of Sri Lanka have been dealt a very raw deal. A subsequent ruling also saw him sticking to this interpretation of the law, where he dismissed a case against a handful of sex workers who were presented in court after being arrested at a massage parlour in Bambalapitiya by the Peliyagoda Police. The operator of the massage parlour, however, was fined, according to the Standup Movement Lanka, a nonprofit that fights for the rights of sex workers. According to Standup Movement Lanka Executive Director Ashila Dandeniya even though the Police said they instructed their officers not to make these arrests, practically, it is still happening, even today. Asked where these arrests usually take place, she told the Colombo Gazette that it was mainly in Colombo. The Vagrants Ordinance Sections 2 and 9 , which was introduced during the time of British rule in , is cited whenever these arrests are made.

Prostitution in Sri Lanka

Sex Worker Implementation Tool (SWIT) National Training in Colombo, Sri Lanka (August ) — APNSW

The training, conducted in August , brought together 25 participants from Colombo City. According to the participants, there are approximately 40, female sex workers, 20, male sex workers and transgender sex workers in Sri Lanka, the majority working in Colombo city. In addition to local sex workers, it is expected that there are migrant sex workers from Thailand, Nepal, China, Philippine, India and Russia, working out of spas, karaoke bars, night clubs, casino clubs and brothels, as well as the street, residences, hotels and online. Violence is perpetuated by almost everyone in the society, according to the participants. In particular, sex workers have faced violence from the police, some clients, their supervisors and even their partners boyfriends and husbands. Police arrests of sex workers are very common, and often sex workers arrested by the police have their money taken away and are forced to have sex with the officers, before being sent to court and eventually to jail.

Turning to sex work in Sri Lanka's north

Prostitution in Sri Lanka is illegal, and related activities such as soliciting , [1] procuring , [2] and brothels [3] are outlawed. It is also illegal to traffic persons for prostitution , especially minors. Child Sex tourism [4] [8] and human trafficking [9] are problems in Sri Lanka.
With more women taking up as family breadwinners in Sri Lanka's former war zone - the island's north - the region is recording an increase in women turning to survival sex. According to estimates by local groups working with women to boost their incomes, the number of women engaged in sex work is said to be as many as 7,, considered by some as a conservative estimate. Vishaka Dharmadasa, head of the Association of War Affected Women, an NGO based in Kandy Central Province that hasprogramming in the north on livelihood and public health, told IRIN: "This was a new finding during a [local] household survey on women-headed households and livelihood requirements.