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Lyralei, the Windranger, is a versatile ranged intelligence hero that can fill several different roles on a team. A long range disable couple with respectable damage output gives her the ability to play as a core hero or a support, depending on what the team might need. She is, however, typically played in the third position, as the offlaner. Her ability to farm from a relatively safe distance lends well to playing in the more difficult side lane, where she can soak up experience and gold without putting herself in significant danger in the process.

How to play Windranger like Liquid.w33

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On August 18th, , Gamepedia's back-end media host will be migrating. During the migration process, uploads and re-uploads will be disabled. We expect this migration to take a couple days. Thanks for your patience. Windranger can be a very aggressive carry. As carry, she needs aggressive supports like Crystal Maiden, Oracle, Winter Wywern, Mirana or another support with stun.


In his first tournament with Liquid, the team came in second place at the Epicenter Major. But the main storyline was how w33 dominated on Windranger throughout the tournament. When played right, Windranger has free rein over the battlefield, constantly moving in and out of fights while dealing high amounts of hybrid damage. Being caught unaware, however, usually results in a quick death. Powershot [W] is a high-damage nuke that reduces in damage as it passes through targets and requires suitable finesse to pull off just like its cousin Shackleshot.
Welcome - Windranger. Windranger is an intelligence ranged hero, who is known for her insane potential to burst down single targets insanely quickly in fights. She also has the ability to disable two enemies up to 3. To have an easier time selecting correct abilities and items, make sure to subscribe to GOSU.