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Blood and Wine is one of Witcher 3's most elaborate DLCs, with its own plot of murder, intrigue, ancient vampires and boozy nobles. And like the main campaign, there are multiple endings to this sordid, spiralling tale. We'll show you what all the endings are , as well as how to get them all. We'll try to keep specific details to a minimum, but of course there's going to be some significant spoilers ahead. Blood and Wine has numerous endings and variations of each ending, depending on what you do with which character, whether it's Regis, Detlaff, Yennefer or any number of others.

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Witcher 3 Blood and Wine: How to Get All the Endings

The Witcher 3 comes to the Nintendo Switch this week, giving you the perfect excuse to jump back in and play one of the best DLCs of all time. This guide, along with our Blood and Wine walkthrough , will help you bring the second expansion to a satisfying conclusion. The story is more linear in Blood and Wine, but there are still a few endgame states you can aim for. Blood and Wine has three main endings, which boil down to the fate of the two leading ladies:.
You have the choice to either spare him or kill him but I have no idea how I got that ending. I chose to kill him and it ended where I was being bailed out of prison by dandelion who was there to help the duchess during her mourning. Seems like if you forgot to purchase the ribbon from the flint selling girl, she wont be able to disappear before the boss fight and will die.